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About Us | PDFtoWorder

iPDFtoWord.Com is an online-based software application company that allows you to convert any PDF files from one format to another fully free by just one click. We have seen that a lot of files are being wasted because of not having a conversion system. It happens mostly to students and sometimes office workers. They get images or PDFs and have to convert them into another format. It's really hard for anyone to write big content by hand or by typing through any computer. Sometimes we need to make some modifications in our PDF files. But normally it's not possible to edit PDF files directly. It feels really bad when you have no other formats of that content which is inside of PDF. You can't copy it too. In that case, you are helpless. A lot of people are facing the same problem. So we just have a great solution for this. No matter where you are no matter what device you are using. You can easily convert your PDF files from one format to another format. The most amazing part of our website is, you can convert your non-editable document to editable format and editable document to non-editable. So what we actually have and you can do by our site are :

Convert PDFs To Any Editable Formats





 Convert Any PDF Documents & Images To Editable Format

iPDFtoWord.Com is a completely online-based OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service, provider. We have made our site with great functionality so that anyone without any technical knowledge can convert files. iPDFtoWord.Com has a lot of options and we made it easier for you. What you have to do is simply click on the tool as per your need and upload files. You can easily convert your PDF files to Word (Docx), Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, Txt, and more formats. We can also convert your Word (Doc, Docx), Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, Txt, and others to PDF. Not only that we allow you to convert it from one format to another format as per your need.






Multilingual Conversion System

iPDFtoWord.Com supports a lot of different languages for converting documents. You can easily convert your document no matter what language it has been used inside of your document. Our powerful tool can easily detect many languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and more. Another good news for you is our website can convert multiple languages at a time. So if your document has been written in different languages in the same file our conversion tool will convert that too. 

no sign up requires




No Sign-UP Requirement

iPDFtoWord.Com understands the value of user information and always sincere about the security of users. That's why we don't need any user information or sign-ups for using our conversion tools. iPDFtoWord.Com allows you to convert any amount of documents fully free without any personal information. After conversion we will give you 4 awesome options to download your file.

  • You can directly download the converted file to your current device.
  • You can directly save it to Dropbox
  • You can directly save it to Google Drive.
  • You can request us to provide you a download link via email.

None of them excluding download link request requires any personal information. Not only that we don't even store the email address you will use to send you the download link. So you can feel free to use our service.






No Limits For Conversion

You may have a lot of files to convert. But you can't do it free because a lot of website requires you to sign up or upgrade the account to premium. We are very glad to say that iPDFtoWord.Com allows you to convert unlimited files 24/7. We don't have any pricing plan and we don't require any kinds of sign up or premium account upgrade. So anyone from anywhere and any devices can use our website. We don't even provide any protected watermark. Our services are totally limitless.