Last updated: August 19, 2017

Thank you for choosing iPDFtoWord's service. iPDFtoWord.Com is becoming more and more popular day by day for providing great service. Here in iPDFtoWord anyone can convert their documents from one format to another format without registration, credit cards or without any kinds of membership. It's completely free and people are spreading our website so much faster that our visitors are increasing day by day. As it's a free service for all of you. So we don't have any earning sources. That's why we use advertisement so that we can make money to continue our free service. You should know that maintaining a big site like iPDFtoWord is not so easy. So there is expenses that we have to bear. We use Google Adsense. But if anyone is interested in placing ads on our website then you are always welcome.

Our Advertise Unit

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Advertising price may vary with your quantity and needs. So it's better to discuss with us the details before placing ads on our website. If you need the pricing plan and any custom query feel free to Contact Us