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Gone are the days when working with documents created in different formats was a headache-inducing process. A mini fortune was required to purchase all the software which allowed you to work with files stored in various formats. Keeping up to date with the licensing rights of all these applications was also a costly and time-consuming exercise.

However, with the advancement in online technology, the process of converting from PDF to Word is straight forward. This is due to free online resources like ipdftoword.com. The simple online interface and array of format options make the whole conversion process a stress free experience.

While many document formats can be converted, the focus of this article is on PDF to Word conversion. The intention is to help you transition from traditional desktop-based software to a super-fast cloud-based application.

What is a PDF to Word Converter?

If you have used desktop-based PDF readers, then you know how difficult it is to edit the content. Most free PDF readers don't allow you to edit or update the content as this feature is found in commercial software. However, the free PDF to Word service provided by PDFtoWorder.com allows you to bypass these restrictions. With the document converted to Word format, you can make any changes you require by utilizing the advanced features of your office suite.

How to use the online PDF to Word Converter?

In only a few easy steps you can convert a PDF to Word format:

1. Visit the PDFtoWorder.Com website.

2. Click on the "PDF to Word" icon.

3. Drag and drop or click "choose file" to select your PDF.

4. Click on "convert now".

These short steps will allow you to convert a PDF document to an editable format like Word.

Why should you use an online PDF to Word Converter?

If you are constantly battling project deadlines, and online conversion resource will allow you to manage your workstream more efficiently. A PDF to Word converter also provides the following benefits:

  • Quicker and easier conversion. You can convert your PDF document to Word format in minutes which allows you to deliver your work in an efficient manner.
  • It saves valuable time. Making use of an online PDF to Word converter will allow you to concentrate on the important things, like a looming deadline or maybe a quick cup of coffee.
  • Easy editing features. All PDF editors lack the versatility provided by a fully-fledged office suite. On the other hand, a document in Word format can be edited and formatted to your liking.
  • Better integration. PDF editors are not well integrated with widely used office applications like Excel and PowerPoint. A document in Word format solves this issue due to its universal support. 

Reasons to use PDFtoWorder.com for your PDF to Word conversion:

There are many websites offering conversion services similar to PDFtoWorder.com. However, many of them impose daily limits, add watermarks and can be slow and unreliable. The service provided by PDFtoWorder.com differs as the focus is not merely on fast conversions but also on the quality of conversion. Here are a few reasons why choosing ipdftoword.com is a smart choice:

  • Business orientated conversions: Business owners prefer to use commercial software believing the results are superior to free alternatives. PDFtoWorder.com is out to change this perception by providing a premium service at zero cost.
  • No annoying watermarks. Many competitors impose daily limits and add annoying watermarks to convert free users into paying customers. However, PDFtoWorder.com provides a premium service with no sneaky tricks or hidden charges.
  • Guaranteed Privacy. The pdftoworder management is committed to upholding your right to privacy. The proprietary PDF to Word conversion protects your personal information by storing your data temporarily. Furthermore, all converted documents are deleted after 24 hours.
  • Premium Service for all. PDFtoWorder.com is the ideal solution for small business owners, freelancers, and content creators. It is aimed at providing an easy means of converting documents from various file formats. PDFtoWorder.Com is a free online resource where you can convert your PDF to Word format and will remain free for as long as the website is in operation.