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Updated On: 19th Aug 2017

iPDFtoWord is a fully online based company where we provide document conversion service for free. No matter who you are, where you live, what you do you are always welcome to use our services. In our website no one will give you any limit of conversion. You can convert your files with unlimited quantity. Our services are so great that we are becoming popular in very short time. We don't think there is any other website that achieved the popularity like us in short time. We are the all in one document conversion website yet. No other document conversion website or software provides such a lot of features like us. Our programmars are very professional and after a lot of hard work we made this website. We always try to ensure customer satisfaction. Amazingly all of our customers are free forever. We don't treat our customers for money. We provide our services to customers for their good. We are calling our visitors as a customer. So don't get us wrong.

100% Free Forever 

iPDFtoWord.Com is a pdf conversion website that allows you to convert documents from one format to another format. You can find a lot of softwares and other websites that requires membership or credit card something like that. Some of the softwares doesn't even support in every operating system. But we know how important it is to convert document sometimes. So we have created the website to provide people like you the best services. We know many of you might be the student. So it's difficult for you to afford the membership cost and there is no need to spend a lot of money for converting a single document. So we made it 100% free forever. 

Highest Features Ever

On iPDFtoWord.Com we are providing the highest features than any website has ever provided. There are a lot of websites and softwares out there. But none of them are providing the features like us. If there is any we can challange that is not free. We are the only one online based company who is providing the highest number of featrues like us. You can simply see all of our features here in our website. iPDFtoWord.Com

Service List

We are providing total 28 different services through our website. Anyone from anywhere can use it totally free. We don't require any kinds of membership as we said before. We are free now and we will be free forever. Here you see the service list that you can get from our website.

 1) PDF to Word                   2) Word to PDF

 3) PDF to JPG                     4) JPG to PDF

 5) Merge PDF                    6) Split PDF

 7) Excel to PDF                  8) PDF to PowerPoint

 9) PowerPoint to PDF      10) JPG to Text

 11) HTML to PDF             12) PNG to PDF

 13) PDF to PNG               14) Rotate PDF

 15) Encrypt PDF              16) Decrypt PDF

 17) PDF to Txt                 18) PDF to HTML

 19) PDF to TIFF              20) PDF to BMP

 21) Extract PDF Images 22) PDF to PostScript

23) TIFF to PDF              24) BMP to PDF

25) Txt to PDF                26) PNG to Txt

27) TIFF to Txt               28) BMP to Txt 


24/7 Support

Here on iPDFtoWord.Com we provide 24/7 fully free email support. If you have any query, problems, suggestions feel free to contact us. We will try our best to give you support as soon as possible. Mostly we reply in couple of hours. Our support is very professional and you will feel that once you will get support for any problem. To get support Contact Us